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This is love, baby, this is it.
Because love is dangerous and you're covered in caution tape,
Because love is wanting to jump off a cliff and you've already
Got my hand and one foot in the air;
This is love, isn't it?
Because love is wanting to be a better person and I'm
Already taking baths everyday and
Smiling to strangers,
I'm already filtering my words because everyone's 
Going through some shit storm,
I'm already trying to be more organized and
Sing more songs,
Find happiness in the small things especially
When the big ones go wrong,
I'm already working late nights and
Actually giving quality work
I'm already thinking of my future and I'm
Always thinking of you first;
This is love!
Because I'm smiling for no apparent reason
And I'm thinking of how to make you smile too,
Because I'm scared whatever 'this' is could disappear and
I can't bring it back,
Love is fragile, baby, 
And we're already on a tight rope,
The boat's about to capsize,
But if the water's fine and 
If you don't mind,
This is love, and I'm willing to take you
Underwater, to see that life exists even beneath the surface,
To the skies, beyond the universe,
To show you that magic exists and that we're part of it,
Downtown at the plaza, and
Beneath our bed sheets during cold mornings,
Over two cups of coffee when we're tired and restless,
To show you that even normalcy is intimate when
You're with someone you love;

This is it, and I'm telling you now,
I'm going to love you until I die,
Love you by holding your hand and combing through your hair,
Love you by giving lame jokes and laughing at yours,
By respecting your space and letting you invade mine
(Once in a while),
By doing the grocery shopping with you and trying to 
Snore less and dance whenever there's music,
I'm going to love you, all your flaws and all your perfect aspects,
All your beliefs and all your thoughts,
Kiss you under the stars and before you go to work,
Give you side glances when we're in church,
Run in meadows and slow dance in parks,
Meet new people and try to move their hearts;
Listen, I know
I'm terrible at many things,
I can't cook to save a life and I'm still
In between jobs,
I can't articulate things well and I 
Stutter more than I breathe,
But dear God help me,
I'm trying to make you see,
That out of everyone in the world,
You've got the most beautiful soul, the most beautiful mind--
You're the most beautiful;

I'm trying to say that
This is love and I'm asking,
Bending down
On one hypothetical knee,
Do you believe it is too?
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Will you marry me?
Say yes
Written | 2:50 am because of some 2 or 100 wedding proposal videos and because I'm kind of maybe hoping for something like this too

I *might* write the poem of the girl's reply :D
We were twenty three and you looked like shots of pure lightning,
Fast and unbridled, bright and mesmerizing,
You held my hand and woke me up,
Took me to the edge of the world
and told me to jump;
I closed my eyes and braced for the fall,
Took a leap like I've never done before,
Hands in the air and your hands in my hair,
Fingers combing through until they find their way
Back to my hands, linking them together
We free fall for days and I think you were like the sun then,
Too warm to touch, to bright to ignore;

We're in a different place now,
A meadow in the middle of nowhere with
Periwinkle skies and crisp-white clouds,
Some hand-written letters, and scattered flowers,
A black tie and a white sun hat
We must be two lovers now;
We must be different people now
Because your eyes are dark blue
And mine became burnt sienna
You look like a fresh daydream and I 
Looked like a fine nightmare--I know because I feel the
Tangles in my hair and the scars on my stomach,
The bloodshot irises and the manic rise and fall of my chest--
If we knew each other then could you tell me so
Because I don't know, do we know each other now?

I close my eyes again and you tell me "Don't, too late,
I arrive at an alleyway where two blocks from here
A protest is breaking out,
The city's holding its breath and coincidence, so am I, 
To the left, people march with picket signs
To the right, the military scatter about in four straight lines,
I am in the middle, thankfully,
Between two brick walls that are perfectly grey,
I wait for your silhouette to fill the space
On the wall and on the ground,
But alas, were you content with being that lover two minutes ago
Who lived in a bright world yet laid down instead of standing strong?
Did you prefer grass instead of concrete, pavement?
Blue skies instead of dark clouds rolling over your head?
Because I'm here waiting for something--
If we knew each other two dreams ago,
And you didn't know me a dream ago,
Would you know me now?
I'm waiting to know.

And I close my eyes again, and I tell myself, "Too late," too early,
Because in the edge of my vision I see you standing,
Saffron irises and all,
Wording something I couldn't quite get,
Just a little whisper, "I'll meet you in the next--"
I open them after a split second, overzealous to see your face
My hands reach out in front of me only to
Let me fall off the bed and meet the wooden floorboards of my 
Low-cost apartment,
It says good morning to me through the leaky ceiling and the
Screeching alarm clock,
I stand up immediately, striding towards the windowsill,
I see Manhattan and absolutely horrid traffic,
I rest my head on the glass and sigh,
My breath fogging over,
And I swear I didn't mean to but I
Close my eyes and think of you
And now you look different,
Saffron together with dark blue,
Lover meets protester,
Standing tall while laying down,
You look like a calmed storm and I 
I feel like an awakened city,
I breathe in the morning and rush through my day,
I'll do my workload and cut open my working-class pay
Buy enough for the week and finally call a plumber to fix that leak,
I'll call my mother and ask how she's doing,
Attend my niece's Parent-Teacher conference and swear to 
Not look for anyone in particular,
I'll come home every night
With a heavy sigh because I'm too tired to think,
I'll trade my corporate attire for pajamas and slippers,

And when I close my eyes
I'll trade this life I'm doing for quite a while,
Wait in the middle of somewhere, nowhere,
For you that looks like shots of pure lightning
And the sun and the dark skies and
All in between,
I'll stand with my arms uncrossed,
And my sun hat poised on my head,
I'll wait for your silhouette, your golden figure,
Because you said you'd meet me,
Because we knew each other that first dream
I'm pretty--quite, possibly, 99.9 percent--sure,
I'd know you anywhere,
When we meet now, I'd meet you for the first time again,
And in the next, I'd meet you still,
I'll never tire, I never will,
I'll say hello until you say my name,
I'll say goodbye too;

And when I'm twenty-four, and when we're through,
I'll wake up, finally, and I'll accept it,
I'm missing you but I know you're in a place I can't reach,
In a place my closed eyes can no longer see,
I'll keep your memories tucked in with me
When I need warmth and strength,
I'll keep all the colors of your irises in my mind,
And all the moods of the skies in my fingertips,
Finally, I'll accept it, dear Matthew,
You're in a place just for one of us,
But leave some room, and make it for two,
After this dream, I'll be with you.
A dream I had last night
Damn these plexus of words. 

Finished | 11.22.14
What's it going to be, Haru? by ohbeautifuldelilah
What's it going to be, Haru?
"It's your choice. The world... or a single girl?" - Sieg Hart to Haru Glory, Rave 

Rave (c) Hiro Mashima


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